Friday, 19 March 2010

Vertical and Horizontal

There is a common misconception that vertical bamboo flooring is flooring that is laid length-ways on a floor and that horizontal bamboo flooring is flooring that is laid across the width of a room.

This is incorrect. The terms 'vertical' and 'horizontal' refer to how the bamboo planks are made.

It must be stressed that vertical and horizontal flooring are different from strand woven bamboo flooring. They look different and are typically half the density of strand woven bamboo

Horizontal bamboo flooring

Horizontal bamboo is created by aligning and laminating 3 layers of  bamboo strips which are bonded together with environmentally friendly bonding agents. The bamboo strips are placed wider edge face up. The result is a wider view of the growth ring of the bamboo. It is durable and strong and suitable for commercial and residential settings. Horizontal bamboo flooring can be installed directly over a concrete subfloor providing the subfloor meets moisture level requirements - namely that the concrete is not damp at all.

Vertical bamboo flooring

Vertical bamboo is made in exactly the same way as horizontal bamboo only the strips of bamboo are placed on their side. The result is a striped look with slight markings. The growth rings of the bamboo are far less visible.

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