Trying to find a simple cost comparison between strand woven bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring is similar to trying to get a straight answer out of a mechanic about how much fixing your car will cost. There are alot of variables to consider:

  • Different manufacturers vary in their prices for basically the same product.
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring is sold in different size boxes at Amazon and other well-known online retailers.
  • The type of lacquer used for the strand woven bamboo flooring changes the price.
  • Some quotes include installation and some don't. On top of that, different types of installation cost different prices.
  • As with many things sold on the internet, some prices are too good to be believed. Researching this page I discovered some hardwoods that were so cheap per square foot I can only presume there is a catch or the site is misleading.

This site gives some interesting ballpark figures.
  • Hardwood for 12 foot by 12 foot room costs $1,140 - $2,000 (without installation)
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring for 12 foot by 12 foot room costs $575 - $1,870 (without installation)
The price differentials make these estimates not so helpful.

This site has a wide range of flooring on offer. It quotes by square foot. The site hides whether these prices include installation. You can assume they don't because if a company is offering you a benefit they are sure to tell you about it. Here is a selection of prices to allow comparison:
  • Oak $2.95 per S/F
  • Maple $2.95 per S/F
  • Asian Teak $3.89 per S/F
  • American Cherry $3.29 per S/F
  • Strand woven bamboo flooring between $1.49 and $3.29 per S/F

The type of lacquer used on strand woven bamboo flooring can have a big impact on the price and the durability of the flooring. The recognized industry best is Klumpp super aluminum oxide finish which makes the bamboo flooring extremely hard wearing. It is also certified to be low or free of dangerous and toxic substances. Buying strand woven bamboo flooring with a Klumpp lacquer will cost more but may save you money in the long run.