Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How to Clean a Strand Woven Bamboo Floor

It is very easy to clean a strand woven bamboo floor. Bamboo has a natural resistance to water so if something is spilled on the floor it is not quickly soaked up by the bamboo. Rather it remains on the surface and can be mopped up.

Like with a hardwood floor, a strand woven bamboo floor can be vacuumed to pick up the dust.

If the floor is marked and you want to clean the bamboo more thoroughly the best thing to do is add to wash the floor with a solution of water and vinegar. The slight alkalinity of the vinegar will help break down the mark from the bamboo without damaging the floor.

After a while you might want to sand the floor to get rid of any scratches that might have accrued on the strand woven bamboo over the passage of time. If you have a dark or 'colored' strand woven bamboo floor then you can sand the flooring without worrying about taking off the coloring. The color effect is produced by a steaming and heating process that caramelizes the sugars in the bamboo and creates the color. Thus the color is consistent through out the plank of bamboo.

This means that after sanding the strand woven bamboo floor all that is left is for you to varnish the floor. Coloring the wood is not necessary.

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