Saturday, 27 March 2010

Formaldehyde Free Adhesive

Formaldehyde is an important compound with several industrial applications. For years formaldehyde has been used in the textile and automobile industries. It is also commonly used to make adhesives, paint and explosives.

Like with many chemical compounds that we once used with impunity, we are now waking up to the toxicity issue. Formaldehyde easily turns into a gas at room temperature. This gas is linked with respiratory and allergy problems, especially for children.

Formaldehyde is such a pervasive toxin in the home and in factories that Massachusetts State Senate is considering a bill to ban the use of formaldehyde in the production of adhesives for furniture, carpeting and wood flooring.

The good news is that there is a non-toxic alternative to formaldehyde based adhesives. It is PureBond made by Columbia Forest Production. It is a soy based product that innovatively mimics the byssal threads used by mussels to cling to rocks. 

At the moment Columbia Forest Production are using PureBond formaldehyde-free adhesive in the production of plywood. This means you can build a plywood subfloor that is toxin free. A strand woven bamboo floor can then be installed over the subfloor.

At present I have seen strand woven bamboo flooring made with low VOC adhesive, but as yet I have failed to discover strand woven bamboo made with PureBond technology.

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