Monday, 12 April 2010

Repairing Scratches in Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

All wooden and bamboo flooring will over time collect scratches, dents and little nicks. This is just an inevitable part of life, especially if you have a family and the flooring is subjected to high traffic. Strand woven bamboo flooring is harder than most hardwood floors and so will scratch, mark and dent less, but nevertheless, is not immune from the occasional clumsiness of people who drag furniture or a pet with uncut nails.

There three possible ways to repair a scratched strand woven bamboo floor. Firstly you can use a 'miracle scratch remover'; secondly, you can use use a scratch repair kit purchased from the manufacturer where you bought the strand woven bamboo flooring; and thirdly, you can use a stain pen and wood putty if necessary.

Of all these three options, the first one is the worst. Miracle stain removers usually contain a variety of toxic chemicals and VOCs that can with long exposure cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Pets and children are particularly at risk from VOCs or volatile organic compounds.

Scratch repair kits sometimes also called bamboo floor scratch remover are sold by reputable manufacturers of strand woven bamboo flooring. This is the ideal way to repair a scratch in your strand woven bamboo flooring because the kit will be made specifically to match the color of your flooring and also the needs of the bamboo.

The third option is perhaps the easiest. Stain pens for flooring come in a variety of colors and you should be able to find a stain pen that matches the color of your strand woven bamboo flooring at your local home store. If the scratch is a little deeper then you will have to level the surface by adding wood putty. Once the putty is dry then buff the puttied area and use a stain pen to match the repaired section of flooring to the rest of the flooring. If the scratch is particularly deep then it is advisable to sand the hole first before adding wood putty. Also, after allowing the wood putty to dry and applying color with a stain pen and then allowing that to dry, it is a good idea to put on a coat of polyurethane to properly seal the flooring again. Without the polyurethane coating the repaired section of bamboo flooring is liable to warp if exposed to liquids. 


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