Monday, 19 April 2010

The Danger of Particles Ruining Your Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Strand woven bamboo flooring is no different to other hardwood floors in that it is susceptible to scratching and marking by small particles.

Despite strand woven bamboo being nearly twice as hard as regular vertical or horizontal bamboo flooring it can still be scratched, dented and marked. And the most common reason for a damaged wood or bamboo floor is particles. And by particles I mean small hard pieces of stone, gravel, glass, plastic, grit and dirt. If you live in a culture where it is not customary to take off your shoes before you enter someone's house then it is more than likely that someone will have a particle wedged into the tread of their shoe which is going to scratch and damage your strand woven bamboo flooring.

Thus, the most effective way to prevent your strand woven bamboo flooring from getting damaged is to insist that everyone removes their shoes before walking on your strand woven bamboo flooring.

It is also a good idea to leave a rug or mat by every exterior exit to catch the fall of particles from outside. It is important to shake out these door rugs or mats at least twice a week to keep particles away from your strand woven bamboo flooring.

Another important thing to consider about particles is how you are cleaning your strand woven bamboo flooring. Don't use a hard brush attachment on a vacuum because it will drag the particles present on the floor hard enough to damage the floor. It is best to clean your strand woven bamboo flooring with a dust mop. If you have a soft brush attachment then you can use that to clean the floor. Regular cleaning is important to prevent the build up of particles that will tread on a dragged around the floor.

Never wax your strand woven bamboo flooring because particles will get imbedded into a new wax coating. The wax will set hard with the particles in it and when pressure is applied on that piece of waxed strand woven bamboo flooring the particles in the wax will cause damage.

Lastly, check your furniture protectors at least once a year to make sure that particles haven't collected under the furniture protectors otherwise when you drag a chair etc. across your strand woven bamboo flooring you will scratch it.

If you follow these simple precautions regarding particles you will avoid a lot of unnecessary and preventable scratching  to your strand woven bamboo flooring.

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