Monday, 2 August 2010

A Comparison of Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring and Hardwood Flooring

In many ways strand woven bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring are similar. Both flooring types are beautiful, natural, strong, hard and long lasting. Both flooring types are both allergen free. However there are some key differences between strand woven bamboo flooring and hardwood flooring that could affect which type of flooring you choose to buy.

The major difference is environmental. Bamboo is actually a grass and it is the fastest growing flora on the planet. Bamboo reaches maturity in just 5 to 7 years. This is in sharp contrast to hardwood trees that take between 50 and 150 years to reach maturity. This means bamboo is a renewable resource and hardwood is not. It also means that strand woven bamboo flooring is a sustainable flooring whereas hardwood flooring is not.

It cannot be denied that deforestation is a serious problem. Even sustainable forestry is not without ethical and environmental problems. It is clear that strand woven bamboo flooring is a much better choice for anyone who is concerned about protecting the environment and not contributing to deforestation.

Another key difference, is that strand woven bamboo flooring contains a natural substance that makes it not only allergen free but also resistant to fungal and insect attack. Not all hardwood flooring cannot these properties. Oak has a high tannin content that protects it from fungus; but the oak is peculiar in this sense.

Thus it is clear that strand woven bamboo flooring is a healthier flooring choice than hardwood flooring.

Many people worry that strand woven bamboo flooring might look beautiful like hardwood flooring but is perhaps not hard enough to deal with the demands of heavy traffic. This is in fact a fallacy because strand woven bamboo flooring has a higher Janka Hardness than most other hardwoods.

And finally, in terms of cost strand woven bamboo flooring is cheaper per square foot than hardwood flooring.

It is hard not to reach the conclusion that in many ways strand woven is better than hardwood flooring.

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  1. Both types of flooring are have their own features , But it depends on the choice and taste of the customer , I like hardwood flooring instead of woven bamboo flooring.